Reliable Roofer specialises in repairs and maintenance of your property. We help maintain your roofs and gutters whilst knowing the best people for your other property needs. If you need anything simply call Hannah and she will help you get a quote together, organise the tradesperson to meet you or John at your property and arrange the quotation to be sent to you. No hassle, just easy and time-saving.

Our services include:

Annual Health Checks

These are our highly recommended roof and gutter checks. We visit you once a year to check your roofs, carry out minor repairs where required, clean your gutters and repair any broken or missing joints. Our Annual Health Checks are perfect for keeping you at ease, knowing that any potential leaks are found before they become a problem.

Gutter Cleans & Replacement

Cleaning your gutters may seem like the last on your list of property maintenance but they can be the biggest cause of roof and wall damp patches. Ensuring that your gutters have a good waterflow and no blockages will enable the water to go where it is meant to – to your downpipe! If your gutters are in need of replacement we can do this for you too. We will make sure your gutter alignment is perfect for waterflow, that your gutters look great and that no water overflows.

Flat Roof Repairs

Whether you have a felt, fibreglass or asphalt roof, you need to make sure it is well maintained. From solar painting to felt repairs, we are here to ensure your flat roof keeps your home watertight.

Flat Roof Replacements

If it’s time to replace your felt roof, we can help. Whether you want to use the same material as before (felt) or want to try a green roof or a fibreglass roof, we will supply and fit the materials. With over 25 years experience, John knows what he’s doing and will put you at ease throughout your roof replacement.


If you need any of these services please do get in touch with Hannah in the office, she will book you in to see John so he can help asses your roof and advise what needs to be done.